PANAMA CITY BUSINESS BROKERS is the premier Business Brokerage along Northwest Florida's Emerald Coast. One thing that sets us apart from the crowd is that we do not charge any upfront fees or require a seller to pay any marketing costs.

We focus our efforts on selling local businesses from Pensacola to Apalachicola including all areas in between, and have Broker Associates located at Panama City Business Brokers, South Walton Business Brokers and Destin Business Brokers. We are the only locally owned business brokerages offering the public over 40 years of past business history and local experience in the area. We pride ourselves on our background and experience in the business industry and understanding the business heart beat of the local community.

Our Broker Associates are not unregulated advisors or intermediaries; they are Licensed Real Estate Agents in the State of Florida under the Department of Business and Professional Regulations and The Florida Real Estate Commission. Our Broker Associates are not just sales people, but have owned and operated their own businesses prior to affiliating themselves with PANAMA CITY BUSINESS BROKERS.

We use only propitiatory forms for all transactions drafted by attorneys and close the sale of your business with local attorneys familiar with county and Florida state laws.

We continually strive in setting the highest standards in service, reliability, maintaining excellence, respect, and ethical representation in all aspects of our operations and through our professional and business conduct.

Whether selling or buying a business, PANAMA CITY BUSINESS BROKERS professionals have the exceptional expertise and years of experience to guide you through the process.

Exclusive Listings

If you are interested in buying a business as a change of career, building a second source of income, or looking to enjoy semi-retirement; it is important that you work with the experienced professionals at Panama City Business Brokers to get complete and factual information. Obtaining quality information for any business for sale allows us to present you with the facts to make the correct buying decision.

For some, the objective is to retire or pursue other business interests. For others, it is to satisfy that entrepreneurial urge or diversify existing business interests. Whether the business is being sold to realize a profit from years of hard work, changing family situations, or to let the owner focus on other opportunities, it is of utmost importance that the business be professionally presented to prospective buyers in order to realize the greatest profit potential.
Even though making objective decisions on financial issues typically comes naturally to a business owner; the decision to sell that business is often difficult, complex, and emotionally challenging. However, once that decision has been made, the next biggest decision is who is going to sell it for you. PANAMA CITY BUSINESS BROKERS is the right choice! We will:

Once we've confirmed that your business has the potential to be sold, we determine the fair market value of the business. After a complete review of all financial data and business operational information, we will establish a fair market price to sell your business. We will not over or under value a business to get a listing.

Just as we would not present a buyer to you that does not meet the financial requirements to purchase your company, we do not present businesses to buyers unless they meet the buyer's investment criteria. We prescreen potential buyers and gather information through meetings, questionnaires and interviews. We will work with you and hold all business information as CONFIDENTIAL as possible. All prospective

buyers must execute a Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) or CONFIDENTIALITY FORM prior to receiving information about any business for sale.

We typically have buyers available in our data base for the right business at the right price, but we will also prepare the Confidential Memorandum, list your company on our websites, and market your company to potential buyers.

You will work with our team of professionals in completing the transaction. From our proprietary check lists to communication and document management, we are there to help walk you through the process so you can stay focused on your business.

Destin Business Brokers was established in 1999 by Ted and Debra Perkins. The Business brokerage is focused on providing exceptional service for entrepreneurs desiring to buy or sell a business along the Gulf Coast. Destin Business Brokers became so successful that Ted opened other associate offices in South Walton and Destin to provide that same quality service to buyer and sellers of businesses along the Gulf Coast.
The Perkins’ motivation over 20 years ago to enter the local Business Broker industry was due to the lack of a step by step, simple process that they personally experienced when selling one of their own businesses. Drawing on their business and entrepreneurial experiences, they realized there had to be a better process to create a stress free, win-win process for business buyers and sellers.
Hence the birth of Panama City Business Brokers and its affiliated offices South Walton Business Brokers and Destin Business Brokers, which have consistently been the premier leaders along the Northwest Florida area from Pensacola to Apalachicola. Prior to founding the company, Ted, as a lifelong entrepreneur, has started, purchased and/or operated numerous businesses within the Panama City area of Florida for over 40 years. He has owned and operated many other diverse businesses, and during that time has gained the knowledge and experience necessary to assist and guide buyers and sellers of business from the beginning analysis and valuation to the final closing of a purchase and sale transaction of businesses. Ted’s longevity in the local market allows him to deliver his clients a keen sense of the flavor and growth that is occurring and how to position local businesses for success.

Since that initial start up, Ted’s business brokerage and his professional staff of other licensed Business Broker Associates, have represented thousands of buyers and sellers worth hundreds of millions of dollars in transaction value.

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